Mini Marketeers

Mini Marketeers

Hey Kids!

You are invited to open a market stall at any time. As a Mini Marketeer, you must bring your own table, sign, chairs and umbrella (if you have one) and sell your wares. There is no charge for being at the market; however, we do ask that you bring a parent or adult for company and supervision.

Kids! Start planting something to sell, or making cards, pottery, beaded jewelry, paintings, lemonade, cookies or anything you want as long as it follows the rules below. Even performing music for market visitors is an option. Remember! Anything you sell has to be grown, made, or produced by you and you have to be the one selling it. This is your day to start your little market business! Just show up, have fun and make some money.


You must be 16 years of age or under and live in Chelsea

Anything sold must be grown, made or produced by you the child and not your parents!

Products such as meat, cheese, honey and eggs that require a MAPAQ permit are not allowed to be sold at the market.

Food must be pre-wrapped and vendors are not allowed to touch the food without gloves.

If selling lemonade, no well water is permitted in the product. A receipt for bottled water must be made available to prove its use.

All products must be approved by the market manager on site and the market manager gets the final word on whether you’re allowed to sell.