Marche Old Chelsea Market Committee

Kristin Jefferies is an outdoor educator, teacher and craftsperson with her own business in environmental education. She is an avid canoeist, gardener, keen environmentalist and mother of a young Chelsea family. She creates unique handicrafts from recycled materials and is passionate about teaching the importance of ecological sustainability.
Heidi Mack works as an educational counsellor for women experiencing disordered eating issues in Ottawa and runs her own business as an educational consultant and another one shared with Kristin Jefferies called EcoTales. She is also a teacher, local craftsperson, mother, and Chelsea community member. Her interests lie in the area of outdoor and experiential education, environmental sustainability, and enhancing creativity.
Music Liaison/Farmer
Julie Perrault has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Victoria and has worked as a biologist for the past ten years in field, laboratory and office settings. She also plays an active role as a singer/songwriter in the Ottawa folk music community and has recorded and released a CD under her own label as well as performed in folk festivals and venues across the country. Recently she purchased a 100 acre farm where she will work towards establishing an on-farm business to integrate her passions for nature, food, music and bringing people together.
Farm Produce Liaison
Rob Wallbridge is an organic farmer and organic agricultural consultant. He operates Songberry Organic Farm with his partner, Julie Perrault, near Quyon, QC, producing strawberries and vegetables, and raising and working Suffolk Punch draft horses. He also works for the OntarBio Organic Farmers' Co-operative, does organic farm inspections, and speaks and writes on organic farming.
Ellen de Casmaker operates an heirloom seed business and organic farm with her husband Gary and children Courtney, Renee, Daryl and Brian. She and her husband are in transition from computing careers into farming and hope to combine research into alternative energy greenhouse construction with their interests in preserving biodiversity through their seed company. Ellen also makes soaps and creams. She is also a Chelsea community member.
Organic Growers Advocate
Laura Telford has a Ph.D. in Psychology and worked for years as a neuroscience researcher. She has long been an environmental activist and is currently the Executive Director of Canadian Organic Growers, a national charitable organization with a mandate to promote organic growing in order to build healthy local communities and ecosystems.
Chelsea Municipal Representative
Bruce Devine is the head of Arts and Culture at the Municipality of Chelsea.
Community Liason
Tammy Corner is a social worker for the past 20 years and is currently enjoying community development. She recently moved to the Chelsea area and aspires to live in an ecologically sustainable community. She is an environmental enthusiast and a budding vegetable farmer who is also studying herbalism. She finds pleasure in cycling, canoeing and playing the guitar.
Graphic Design and French Liaison
Céline Nadreau is a resident of Chelsea (Cascades). She has a Bachelor of Industrial Design from the Faculty of Engineering of Carleton University and works as a Multimedia Technician at the National Gallery of Canada. Céline is the French Liaison for the Market and designs our promotional material. Her "act local, think local" mindset is echoed in her everyday actions as a mother of two and property manager.